Yoga Explored

Yoga is a process of self-exploration and self-discovery, not a exercise of power and control.
The posture of yoga is to release the various toxins accumulated in the body. The movement of yoga releases them, so the body of the yogi is soft.
The movement of yoga is completely different from other sports. They are not to make your body stronger, but to make your body softer. When your body becomes soft, you will have a different form. Strong, you will become younger and healthier.
Sanskrit is a common language in the yoga world. If you know the Sanskrit name, you can easily understand the movement. There are a total of 70 movements in yoga. . Here we are going to show you 4 positions. Please describe our newsletter.






瑜珈總共有70個動作,這篇我只提供以上四個圖片, 如果讀者有興趣請關注我們的文章

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